A custom made kitchen countertop from birch plywood, by Guillaume

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How to make a very nice looking countertop yourself? Guillaume demonstrates his result in this DIY project. He ordered cut-to-size Birch plywood online to make this project. 

Description du Guillaume

We wanted a low profile and resistant wood for our kitchen countertop so we decided to pick birch plywood which have these exact caracteristics. As mentioned on the website, plywood resist well to humidity, and impacts (like knife marks).

Comment j'ai réalisé ce projet

We ordered two 27mm thick plywood planks with almost perfect dimensions (you always need to make micro adjustments in kitchen building) which arrived in perfect condition thanks to the good yet efficient packaging. After cutting holes for the sink and the induction hob with a jigsaw we screwed the countertops to the cabinets from beneath. And after a light sand we finished with 3 layers of food safe clear & mat varnish on both countertops.

Dimensions de mon projet de bricolage

200,0 cm by 63,0 cm

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Quelle est la prochaine étape ?

Il s'agit d'un projet d'inspiration. En raison de l'évolution de notre gamme de produits, certains d'entre eux ne sont plus disponibles.

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