Make your own TV cabinet from MDF black V313, by Gerrit

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2 minutes


A beautiful TV cabinet from black MDF for the living room with four storage compartments, closed with a door. As can be seen in the photos, the furniture is hung as if it were 'floating'.

Make your own TV cabinet from black sheet material

On made a sketch on paper. As soon as I knew all the dimensions, I could easily order it, which ultimately turned it into nothing more than a construction kit. No more sawing, just putting it together.

I also got beams of 30 x 30 mm with a length of 250 mm. I mounted everything together with the beams so that no screw material is visible on the outside. Pre-drill holes in the wood, apply wood glue and mount with a screw in the MDF. In retrospect, it might have been useful to replace the beams with steel hoof profiles.

Further hung with steel supports with a partition (3x). If you type shelf brackets into Google they will appear. Please note the number of kg that a carrier can carry.

The doors are mounted with 'concealed hinges', as they are used on kitchen cabinets.

TV cabinet exactly to size

Length x width x height in cm --> 280.0 x 35.0 x 30.0 cm

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