Hall cupboard in alcove, IKEA BESTA hack, by Karin

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2 minutes


Next to our front door is a niche with the underfloor heating installation at the bottom (behind a white hood). Above that hung a coat rack that we couldn't store much on. I wanted storage space for shopping bags, scarves and gloves and children's shoes. I mounted 4 Besta cabinets and created open compartments between them. The whole is framed with plywood.

Custom solution for a niche

I first mounted the Ikea besta cabinets using a hanging rail. I had already ordered the wood beforehand, but in retrospect I should have done that better after assembly. For example, the Ikea cabinets turned out not to be 38 cm high (as stated in the description) but 38.5 cm. Fortunately, this small deviation is ultimately not noticeable. First I put the boxes together, because I had everything mitered, this was very easy. Be careful when ordering a miter, I had exchanged the long side for the short side of one part and was therefore left with sloping sides at the front... so I had to reorder a number of parts. I left the boxes overnight with glue clamps. Then I placed the parts of the bottom compartment (useful for children's shoes) and the conversion in the cupboard. I did not secure these further because they are clamped tight. I left the trim on the sides shallow because you only see the front. Saves something on costs. I have not glued the bottom compartment, it rests on the installation for the underfloor heating. This way the compartment can easily be removed if something needs to be done to this installation. Finally, I made the back of the compartments from narrow slats, which I glued to thin MDF.

The dimensions of the cabinet

86.5 wide and 177.0 cm high .

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