Amsterdam apartment bedroom renovation

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This project has been translated from English to Dutch. You will first see the English text per line and then the translation into Dutch. The goal of this project was to separate the bedroom from the rest of the house space: we've used Eiken Rustiek Gevingerlast panels from in order to deliver this. The aim of this project was to separate the bedroom from the rest of the house. To achieve this, we used Oak Rustic Finger-welded panels from We've ordered 3 big oak panels, which had the natural (light) oak color, but we've oiled it in order to make it darker and match the other house space. We ordered 3 large oak panels, all of which had the light oak color that the wood naturally has. To darken the wood, we oiled the panels, so that they also match the rest of the interior better. Additionally, we've put the rails on the floor and the ceiling, so the doors could slide across the room. We then placed the panels on rails so that the doors can slide open and close. I've also ordered 4 Oak Rustic Finger-jointed 19 mm panels to cover the rails. I also ordered 4 Eiken Rusitek Finger-welded 19 mm panels to finish the rails. The delivery of was fast and the panels are high in quality. The delivery from was fast and the panels are of high quality.

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