3 x Kitchen renovation with new doors, by Hans

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2 minutes


3 x a set of kitchen doors, drawer fronts and other panels to give 3 kitchens a more modern look and to renovate them.
First our own kitchen with 20 parts, then for a friend another 14 pieces and, today (28/07/2020) completed a project of 21 doors, etc.
The photos are of this last project, 2 pieces in the old situation, the last 3 in the new situation.

DIY: kitchen renovation

This is my third project in collaboration with material from OPMAATZAGEN.nl
OMZ supplied me with 21 perfectly cut doors, drawer fronts and panels with beautiful sharp edges , class.
I neatly rounded the plates all around with a router (fixed under a table) with a quarter-hollow edge cutter (R=3) and then varnished with Sigma Coatings S2U NOVA satin. This is a water-based paint that flows nicely and dries very quickly, so you do not have to worry about drying dust.
The panels are pre-treated with the corresponding primer and the end edges are finished as smooth as possible with filler.
After painted the holes for the drilled hinges and drilled the mounting holes in the drawer fronts. Then gave the visible side a layer of lacquer and then drilled the holes for the handles.

Kitchen doors exactly to size

For the last project the dimensions were between 23.0 x 11.0 cm and 59.4 x 98.0 cm. Everything from Moisture-resistant MDF V313 18 mm thick.

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